Why Thori?

Thori means heaven in Dzongkha. True to its name, here are top 3 reasons to stay at Thori:


Elevated from the city of Thimphu, the view from Thori is absolutely stunning. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley right from the balcony of every room. Whether you wish to sit back and watch life in Thimphu pass by down below or gaze at the Buddha resting in the mountain right in front of you, the view from Thori is guaranteed to make you feel a little closer to heaven.


True to its name, Thori offers you a little piece of heaven. Surrounded by nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can be assured that your stay will be peaceful and tranquil. There is no better place in Thimphu where you can rejuvenate your soul and calm your mind than Thori.


Thori is a hotel with a soul. We are a small, family-managed resort where our guests receive personal attention and feel cared for. In a world where we have become increasingly disconnected, a standard hotel stay in Bhutan does little justice to showcase true Bhutanese hospitality. We offer our guests uncomplicated and genuine hospitality, straight from our hearts. For us at Thori, it is not business, it is personal.